Oligonol to Fuel Senior Athlete's Charity Bike Ride for AIDS Research

Worcester, MA (July 9, 2012) - The Oligonol Research Association is sponsoring Dr. Dan Kagan in the “Harbor To The Bay,” a one-day, 125-mile bicycle ride from Boston to Provincetown, MA to raise funds for AIDS research.
Dr. Kagan, the most senior participant in the event at age 71, has been riding in this this event for the past five years. He is a managing partner at BioActives LLC (www.bioactives.com), a product development company which recently announced the launch of MicroActive® Oligonol, a sustained-released form of the ingredient. He is now using Oligonol to help train for the race to facilitate his recovery and improve endurance.
Oligonol is a low molecular weight polyphenol produced from lychee fruit and green tea and manufactured by Amino Up Chemical Company of Sapporo, Japan. Human clinical studies have demonstrated that Oligonol can improve circulation, reduce post exercise fatigue and increase endurance. MicroActive® Oligonol has been shown in serum and in vitro to provide improved absorption and sustained release over 12 hours.
“We are proud to support senior athletes who challenge themselves and demonstrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” said Dan Lifton, Vice-President at Maypro Industries (www.maypro.com), which markets Oligonol in the United States. “The fact that the proceeds will go to support AIDS research makes our contribution considerably more important.”
The Harbor to the Bay ride is scheduled for September 15, 2012. Those who would like to support AIDS research through this event can find more information at www.harbortothebay.org . Those wishing to support Dr. Kagan’s participation can find his name on the donation search page.