December 2013

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The Maypro Supplement: December 2013
M-16V: Patented form of Bifidobacterium breve with 4-year stability

Patented form of Bifidobacterium breve with 4-year stability 

  • Officially received GRAS status for food and infant formulas
  • Type of bifidobacteria found in the intestines of healthy infants and adults
  • Restores bifidobacteria levels to 100% in premature infants after 6 weeks and works to help promote healthy growth
  • Supported by 29 human clinical studies shown to help improve intestinal environment, digestive function and immune system
  • Promotes early immune system maturation and can be efficacious for the treatment of allergies in newborns and young children
  • Safety confirmed by genome sequence analysis, antibiotic resistance studies and toxicology test
  • Used in approximately 100 hospitals in Japan for premature infants
In the Spotlight

L-Arginine Base

Now Representing CJ America Amino Acids

  • Naturally Fermented from Carbohydrate Sources
  • High End Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process
  • Free from animal and human origin
  • The only Amino Acid to produce nitric acid oxide (NO) in the body associated with strengthening muscle, improving heart health and widening blood vessels*
  • May be used in dietary supplement, functional beverage, energy drink, pharmaceutical precursor, personal care and feed applications

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This ingredient is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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