January 2014


Perfect for New Year's weight loss resolutions

  • A patented extract of enokitaki mushroom with a unique complex of beta-glucans, fatty acids, fiber and glyconjugates
  • Supported by 13 human studies that have been clinically shown to prevent the absorption of fat in a dual mechanism of action: trapping and repelling fat from the mucosa by coating the gastrointestinal walls
  • Shown to reduce body weight, body fat and serum-neutral lipids; support healthy cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood glucose levels
  • In one clinical study of 51 females with an average BMI of 20, 88% of the participants found a reduction effect while taking Chitoglucan
  • Another double-blind study found that the LDL and total cholesterol levels in participants taking Chitoglucan decreased significantly after 4 and 8 weeks, while little changes were observed in the control group
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L-Arginine Base

Maypro Industries is proud to offer Curcumin 95% extracted without using any class 1 and 2 solvents, which can result in toxic residues falling above USP limits. 

Our material is organic and extracted from only certified organic turmeric root. 

The equipment used for extraction of this ingredient is dedicated to the production of only Curcumin. 

Please call your Maypro sales representative for more information.


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