Sports Nutrition

New Study: Oligonol Reduces Sweat Production When Exercising*

We all do it. Sweat that is. It may show up at the most inopportune times or cause you to feel uncomfortable in all the wrong places, but it’s bound to happen, especially during exercise and high stress situations where your core body temperature increases. There are not many options available for sweat reduction, well besides costly Botox injections – until now. 

The Science of Sweat and How to Reduce It

What’s up with sweating? When you’re at the gym dripping with sweat, sure it’s ok. But when you’re just trying to go about your day, it can be quite the embarrassment. Whether the heat is on or you’re stressed about deadlines, sweating is never a comfortable side effect. And if you think you sweat too much, there may be an underlying cause. Before scoffing it off to nerves or heat, talk to your doctor about what may be contributing to your daily sweat fest. Once you rule out outside factors, feel free to take steps to deal with sweating in any situation.

AppleActiv DAPP™

Made from 100 percent organic apples sourced exclusively from America, AppleActiv DAPP™ delivers the phyto-nutrients and fiber of apple peels in a neutral-tasting, easy-to-blend dry powder suitable for dietary supplements and functional foods. It is manufactured through a patented process, developed by the Cornell University Department of Food Science, which carefully dries and grinds the dried peels to a fine powder  to preserve the nutritional properties.

A 12-week pilot human clinical study found that Appleactiv DAPP:

  • Supports joint comfort*
  • Encourages healthy range of motion*
  • Promotes healthy joint function*

Curcumin Recipes and Tips

Golden Tumeric Recovery Smoothie

Turmeric, most notable for its contribution to the golden color and warm flavors of Indian cuisine, is a powerful healer that has been shown to reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain and prevent tumor growth (amongst other benefits). The bioactive compound responsible for turmeric’s health benefits is curcumin.*