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Joint Health Is All in The Peel

Shoshana Pritzker, RD CDN

It felt like just yesterday you were riding bikes and hiking mountains with your friends, and playing football with your kids. You felt great – full of energy and on top of the world. Then one day you wake up and your back hurts, your joints hurt, and your body feels like it’s been hit by a bus. You wonder what in the world happened. It’s called aging.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as the fountain of youth. But there are however, things we can incorporate into our daily routine to help us slow (and sometimes reverse) the aging process. And if you get started early, you can prevent signs of aging and live a longer, fuller, pain-free life.

Joint Basics

Joints are the point at which two or more bones join together. Moving joints, like the knees, shoulders, and hips, require cartilage to keep your joints working smoothly. Cartilage allows bones to move without rubbing against each other and protects your bones from use and overuse throughout the years. As we age, cartilage can wear away, break down, become inflamed or even suffer from certain diseases, like Lupus, that affects the joints. If you maintain the health of your joints you’ll be able to run, jump, swim, walk, climb, play sports, and just live better for much longer.

If you don’t maintain healthy joints, your risk for osteoarthritis and arthritis (pain and inflammation in one or more joints) increases. Starting early to prevent arthritis is important, however, you can start at any age. No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to better your joint and bone health. Improving your intake of key antioxidant nutrients while leading an overall more healthful lifestyle will help rebuild and maintain healthy cartilage and keep mobility of your joints working smoothly for years to come.

Why Do Joints Deteriorate?

Cartilage, the squishy substance that cushions joints, naturally deteriorates over time. But a number of other factors can contribute to your risk of developing arthritis.

  • Excess body weight. Being overweight or obese puts extra stress on joints, especially the knees.
  • Gender. Men are more likely to suffer from arthritis up until age 45. After that women are more likely to develop arthritis than men. Things even out around age 80.
  • Family History. Genetics play a role in your chances of developing arthritis. If you have a family history of the disease your risk factors increase.
  • Poor Nutrition. A diet lacking nutrients required to maintain healthy bones and joints can contribute to weight gain and the deterioration of your joints.
  • Oxidative Stress and Free Radical Damage. Just like other areas of the body, joints can become inflamed and weakened due to oxidative stress and free radical damage. Fighting off free radicals through nutrition and lifestyle changes will help reduce and prevent joint inflammation and damage.

Natural Ways to Boost Joint Health:

  1. Weight Loss – Reducing body fat and overall body weight can help eliminate excess stress on your bones and joints. And if you lose body fat through a healthy diet and exercise, your intake of key antioxidant nutrients that fight off free radical damage will improve at the same time.
  2. Diet - A balanced diet is important to reduce your risk of arthritis. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese, lean proteins, and healthy fats in to your daily routine. Be sure to limit saturated fats, trans fats, added sugar and refined grains.
  3. Exercise – Like diet and weight loss, exercise is important to help fight off free radicals and oxidative stress. In addition, low-impact exercise helps strengthen muscles and bones, while improving joint mobility.
  4. Supplementation – It’s important to get the nutrients required for joint health. It can be helpful to use over-the-counter supplements in your daily routine. Be sure to include the antioxidants Quercetin and Ursolic Acid in your arsenal. You can find a more detailed description of each below:

It’s All in the Peel: Introducing AppleActiv DAPP™ (Dried Apple Peel Powder)

What does Quercetin and Ursolic Acid have in common? You guessed it – they both are found in apple peels! So how do you get the benefits of these compounds? You could eat lots and lots of apples, or you could try AppleActiv DAPP™ – an all-natural dried apple peel powder that’s perfect for protein shakes, smoothies, marinades, homemade protein bars and other creative kitchen endeavors.

AppleActiv is made of 100% all-natural organic apple peels sourced solely from America and is packed with antioxidant phytochemicals including ursolic acid (2.5% extract) and quercetin. In addition, it’s made up of 50% fiber making it an excellent source of dietary fiber and an easy way to add more fiber to your diet. To prove its joint benefits, AppleActiv took part in a 12-week pilot study. The study measured the effect of AppleActiv on serum antioxidant capacity, range of motion (ROM) and joint pain related to a reduced range of motion. Subjects were evaluated at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks. AppleActiv passed with flying colors as researchers found marked improvement in range of motion (ROM), reduction in joint pain, and increased antioxidant protection with 12 weeks of AppleActiv supplementation.*  

Conclusion: When it comes to joint health, it’s important to fuel your body with the right nutrients, maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. Incorporating antioxidant supplements like AppleActiv may help support healthy joints, promote joint comfort and support a healthy range of motion.* Fighting the onset of aging is no easy task, but it can be made simpler just by adopting a more healthful and active lifestyle.


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About the Author

Shoshana Pritzker, R.D., C.D.N, is a Long Island based Registered Dietitian with a passion for health and fitness. Shoshana specializes in weight loss, sports nutrition, supplementation, pre- and post-natal nutrition, pediatric nutrition, pediatric sensory nutrition, gastrointestinal nutrition therapy and the FODMAP diet, meal planning, recipe development and analysis, and corporate wellness. Shoshana takes a well-rounded, personalized approach to nutrition taking in to account the small details that make every body unique. In addition, Shoshana has written for national publications including Oxygen magazine and, FitnessRx for Women magazine and, Muscular Development magazine, FitnessRx for Men magazine, and; she has been quoted in the Food Network’s Healthy Eats Blog and was the Recipe Editor, nutrition expert and contributing writer at Turner Broadcasting’s (discontinued in May of 2014). Shoshana is also the copywriter and recipe developer for Nature’s Bounty supplement brands including MET-Rx, Balance Bars, Pure Protein, Body Fortress, Ester-C, Sundown Naturals, Osteo Biflex and Nature’s Bounty. Shoshana is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the International Society of Sports Nutrition.


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